WPS - Salary Processing & Payments

Being an emerging global leader trusted by thousands of customers in UAE, we strictly adhere to our ethical standards and corporate social responsibility at all-time.Our primary concern is to safeguard the rights and privileges of our customers by ensuring that all salary processing & payments comply with the Wage Protection System – WPS introduced by the Central bank of UAE. We offer services above and beyond expectations to achieve excellence in serving our customers in every aspect.

Multiple Payments facilities are available to pay salary to employees. Employers can choose their payments options to suit their individual needs. Contact us for more details.

  1. AJEX provides access to withdraw the salary through AJEX ATMs located in various locations of UAE.
  2. ATMs have the functionality of multiple languages selection such as English, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali and Philippines to ease the transactions for the employees.
  3. Options to withdraw the denomination as small as AED 5.
  4. Salary withdrawals through any bank ATMs in the UAE.

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